About Us

Ava Tech is an highly experienced company, based in Tel-Aviv and  specializing in consulting, planning and mentoring in the field of multimedia.

We, at Ava Tech are experts in adaptation and assimilation of the best practice technologies in this field, and at the same time, we keep a reliable, accessible and easy to use technological solutions. 

We are planning and managing multimedia systems and a variety of technological solutions for a complex projects such as: teaching classes, audio learning kits, conference rooms, smart rooms, auditoriums, visitor centers, training and recording systems etc.

At the field of online collaboration we are offering digital sign posting, control rooms and lightning and amplification events by using an advanced, integrated state of the art technologies.

Ava tech is accompanying the client during the project from its early beginning stage of the plans up until the stage of systems operation, and continuing to accompany the client after the stage of systems operation a year long helping him to integrate and operate the multimedia systems.

This service provides our client an easy and comfort technology adapting and operation. We offer all of the above plus a full collaboration with the systems providers up until a full technological adaptation of the client to his new multimedia systems.

A long, productive experience with the variety of producers, exporters and integration experts in the wide range of multimedia, gives us the advantage to deliver an accurate solution to our clients, and by that, we are saving them a great deal of money per project.

At Ava Tech we simplify for the end users to operate an advanced, best practice tech of multimedia systems.

Projects portfolio

Bank Mizrahi: the project include the bank’s multimedia upgrading in the conference rooms and at the training classes.

Upgrading has done in order to simplify the end user operation of the smart controlling systems and it is  based on Extron solution. For the video conference systems a Cisco solution as been chosen.

The project start as a pilot in 3 meetings rooms and now days the bank is continue continuing to upgrade all of his rooms.

The customer is connecting a cable to a visitor computer and creating a simple to operate scenario.

Discount bank: the project include multimedia upgrading of the directors room, meetings rooms and training classes. The upgrading has been made in order to simplify the end users operation of the smart controlling systems and bases on Extron solution. A voting and audio systems, and the video conference sys. Are based on Cisco, Zoom and Webex solutions.

Tel Aviv university: this project include upgrading of the auditorium, post signings, teaching classes and meetings rooms, in order to create accessibility for the end users. The solution is based on Extro. and Crestron systems and audio and video systems.

Telit: The project include the upgrading of the global meetings room. The solution is based on Extron smart control systems and upon video conference system of  Life Size.

We saved the original equipments in order to save money, and we had  installed a core system that is easy to operate..

The upgrade has been made in Israel, Italy, Cyprus and London.

Among our clients